Wednesday, 4 June 2014

4th June update

I've not given up on this project ;-)

I'm working through the Supriors to see what needs a tweak to fit into FAE version (45 pages of it..)

When I publish I will only be giving the tweaked rules partly for space and partly because I don't want people to be able to play without the In Nomine rule book

Monday, 2 June 2014

Resonance - Band

Because I am a Beseraph I can Forcefully make someone believe a Lie$ though the target may try to Forcefully Defend* against this

$ A deceived victim will consider almost anything the Balseraph says to be absolute truth. Of course, some lies will never stand – no one will believe the sun is really the moon. But any fact or opinion which can’t be proven by hard reality is the playground of the Balseraphs. Once a Balseraph convinces someone of another person’s opinion , even if that other person is right there contradicting him  , the will of the Balseraph rules the day.
But when a Balseraph contradicts himself by word or action while the target is still under his sway, this generates a note of dissonance until he can cover it with a new lie. For example, if he convinces a woman that he’s not going to shave her head, and then ties her down and does so, he’ll still generate a note of dissonance, but only until he can bring the victim under his sway again with a new resonance roll (“I didn’t shave your head, you did.”)

* Target gets to Forcefully resist, success will mean the Balseraph can not target the same person again for three hours.  On a 5+ the Balseraph also takes a Dissonance point, this dissonance can be removed by successfully Lieing to the same person.  Each person can only give a Balseraph a point of dissonance at a time
Seraphs get an extra +1 to resist whether they are aware of the Balseraphs nature

Because I am a Djinn I can Forcefully attune myself to a target for three days.  On a 5+ I will stay attuned for as long as I wish,  I can choose to end my attunement when I please by Forcefully breaking it.  Failing to break is a source of dissonance.
I can check up on a target by Forcefully Discovering its direction and general condition of an attuned target.  If I roll a 5+ I will know the targets condition, their direction, distance, if it is moving, as well of any nearby hazards
While attuned to something, the Djinn himself cannot cause it physical harm. If following his target’s desires
brings it harm, and if the attuned person relieved the demon of responsibility, then the Djinn acquires no dissonance from the action.
When the attunement finally fades, the dissonance generated by the devotion will fade as well.

I have an additional trouble of  "Discord of _______ that can only be cured by Redemption"
Because I am a Calabim I can Forcefully Damage* a target near me.  If the target is in Celestial form I can choose to force the target to take a Force hit of their choice instead of normal stress damage.
Living targets can attempt to Forcefully Defend against this damage, if successfully Defended I will take a point of dissonance, I can choose instead to lash out at a different target but can do nothing else whilst doing so.  I will have to continue doing so until I damage a target or take a point of dissonance.   Inanimate objects can not Defend

*Damage equals Resonance check

Because I am a Habbalah I can Forcefully make a target feel an emotion of my choice whilst also impeding their Insightfulness OR Sneakiness .  The target can attempt to resist this Forcefully.  Compare the Haballah and targets result, if the targets result is higher then the emotion will backlash on me and I must choose to suffer the emotion or take a point of Dissonance
I must choose the emotion and the impeded Approach before the roll is made.
Elohim suffer a -1 to their Forceful resistance rolls to resist

Whatever the victim is looking at when this emotion strikes him (or, at the Habbalite’s discretion, the current
subject of conversation) upsets him – a lot. The victim will feel an irresistible need to lash out at the object of his anger, in swift and furious action, a number of times equal to the resonance roll’s result or for a number
of minutes equal to the Resonance roll result.

The victim is struck to the core with a deep melancholy.  For a number of hours equal to the resonance roll’s
result, he will be unwilling to move much or to speak at any length, wanting only to crawl into a cold bed
and be left alone.

The current subject of conversation offends the victim greatly. It is an abomination, not to be endured. For a
number of days equal to the resonance roll’s result, the victim must avoid the object of his revulsion, bolting away at full tilt. If he can’t avoid it, he’ll loudly proclaim his disgust to anyone who will listen. If the object of his disgust touches him, he must make a Forceful roll to keep from vomiting.

The victim is greatly enamored by the current subject of conversation – or the next thing his eyes focus on, at
the Habbalite’s discretion. The demon must decide before making the roll.  This irresistible attraction will last a number of days equal to the resonance roll’s result. During this time the victim can do little but think about the object of his love, whatever it is, and devise ways to be closer to it.

This is the opposite of other feelings – the absence of all emotion. The victim will seem drained for a number
of hours equal to the resonance roll’s Result. During this time, he suffers a -1 to all rolls and other characters can take two actions for every one of his.
Emptiness is the most dangerous state of emotion for a Habbalite to enter. It not only causes him dissonance,
whether he absorbs it or not; it also leaves him drained of evil to such a degree that there’s a chance – albeit a very low one – that his nature will revert to divinity! If the demon makes a 111 on his dissonance roll, he is relieved of his delusion about his status, nature and servitude. He then has the option to try to redeem himself and rejoin the ranks of the Elohim; see Redemption, p. 60, for more information.

Because I am a Lilim I can Insightfully know what a target wants Once the offer for help has been struck a Gaes is formed.  If I roll a 5+ then a Greater Gaes is formed with the target suffers a -2 when Defending against requests to return the favour.  I can Forcefully make the target carry out 'a favour' which can be Forcefully Defended.
I can choose to cash in more than one Gaes to make it harder for my target to resist.  e.g. a Gaes is spent along with a Greater Gaes meaning the target suffers a -3 when Forcefully Defending.
The Gaes only leaves upon returning the favour.
I can choose to pass any Gaes onto another.

Because I am a Shedite I can forcefully enter a living target.  The target can Forcefully Defend though if they loose they will suffer a -1 to resist my Resonance whilst possessed.  If they do Defend then I can not target them for 3 days.
I must Forcefully make my host carry out something evil, that evil must be a little worse each day.  Each day I fail I will gain a point of Dissonance when (if) I catch up.
Once a day the host may Insightfully Defend against my control granting them a +1 against my attempts to corrupt.  Each day their chance of defending increases by 1

Because I am an Impudite I can Forcefully attempt to make someone my friend for a number of minutes equal to Resonance roll result.  The target can Forcefully Defend if they choose to, if they defeat me I can not target them for Defend roll hours

Because I am an Impudite I can Forcefully take a Fate point from a target, the target can Forcefully Defend and if successful I can either loose a Fate point or gain a point of Dissonance.  I can never hold more than my Refresh

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Resonances - Choir

Because I am a Seraphim I can Insightfully Discover if the speaker believes what he said to be a lie and, if the speaker lied, which statement in particular he thinks is most false.  If I roll a 5+ I will Discover why they lied, what the speaker believes to be the truth and whether the speaker has encountered the Truth (they may not be aware of what the Truth is though

Because I am a Cherub I can Forcefully attune to a target.  I can check up on a target by Insightfully Discover the direction and general condition of an attuned target.  If I roll a 5+ I will know the targets condition, their direction, distance, if it is moving, as well of any nearby hazards
To end an attunemet I must touch the target and Forcefully break the link

Because I am an Offanite I get +2 when Flashily attempting to gain an Advantage, if this fails then I gain dissonance
Because I am an Offanite I get +2 when Insightfully try to Discover my way to a place known by the general public
Because I am an Offanite I can travel Resonance roll miles in a single minute.

Because I am an Elohim I get to Insighfully Discover the targets general emotional state and either strongest immediate emotion or cause of general emotion.  If I roll a 5+ I will understand how the target will react to any one action

Because I am a Malakim I get to Insightfully Discover the targets most noble or ignoble thing that the person has done in the last year, relative to his own moral standards.  If I roll a 5+ I will know the person’s greatest virtue and their worst sin.

Because I am a Kyriotate I can Forcefully posses a living being for up to a day.  If I roll a 5+ I can posses the being for up to 5 days

Because I am a Mecurian I can Insightfully Discover a targets self estimate and the estimate of those around the target have of them.  If I roll a 5+ I will know the name people most often call him, origins, most important item of interest and most important relationship

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Forces and the stress track

InNomiFAE stress track
Each stress track you can assign a Force to, when you take a Stress hit you can choose to have the Force take the hit instead of the Stress box.  As long as you have an unchecked Force you get a +1 when rolling
(Celestial +1 to resonances, Ethereal +1 to songs, Corporeal +1 actions with your role).
When the last Force for a realm is crossed out you take a -1 in that realms actions.

Unlike stresses Force damage can only be healed by songs or a Superior
(Clestials will get three Forces, Saints / Undead two and Soldiers one)

[] 2    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial
[] 4    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial
[] 6    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial

[] 2    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial 
[] 4    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial
[] 6    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial
this celestial has +1 when working within his role and +1 on their resonance.  No bonus to songs

Stronger Celestials (i.e. after major campaign points) can uncross another Realm or could add an existing one.  Word bound Celestials can add their Word against stresses as well.
E.G. celestial above could look like either of these
Example 1
[] 2    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial 
[] 4    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial
[] 6    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial

Example 2
[] 2    [] Corporeal [] Corporeal   [] Ethereal  [] Celestial 
[] 4    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial
[] 6    [] Corporeal  [] Ethereal  [] Celestial

Friday, 30 May 2014

First thoughts

I have been thinking through what to keep and ditch from the original game:

I want dice roll induced interventions - they are great
Rites can stay
Roles (though will rolled into high aspect / trouble)
Songs will be stunts giving access to all realms but at a cost of a Fate point

Things I'd like to keep but not sure how yet:
Forces, I'm thinking of linking these to Stress boxes, but not sure it's that important with Approaches and no essence

Things that are going
Status of roles
servants unless I can see ideas for them somewhere

Changes to FAE
Only three dice will be rolled.
Dice need a small modification in that one blank will need a halo, the other a three pronged fork
Celestials will get four refresh
Clever will be changed to Insightful (most angelic resonances run off of perception and this change allows for Clever insight or Perceptive Insight, demonic resonances will probably be forceful)